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Go Through The Tunnel Of Light

Relive Your Past Lives

And Go Home..


Between is a short and physically interactive digital game, played on the Playstation Move. The narrative wields the myth of reincarnation as an expression of consciousness experiencing itself. A soul experience spliced into life shaped pieces and distributed across time and space. As a recently deceased human spirit, you travel up a ‘tunnel of white’ (often claimed by people who have ‘near death experiences’) into a state of nirvana.

As your life flashes before your eyes, you have the chance to forgive and accept its events. If you can’t pass through each of the chakra gates, you fall back to the earth plane, live a new life and return to attempt ascension again. Each time you play the game, you see a different story, as different lives are discovered. – You get to live once more…


Rob Homewood

Rob Homewood

Original Game Concept, Game Designer, Artist & Coder

PhD Student at Goldsmiths IGGI Program (Intelligent Games & Game Intelligence); MSc in Serious Games.

Producer, Programmer, Researcher, Game Designer, Artist.      

Carlos González Dïaz

Carlos González Dïaz

Game Designer & Coder

MSc in Serious Games; Masters Student in Media, Narration & Aesthetics.

Producer, Software Engineer, Programmer, Game Designer.  

Marisa Tapper

Marisa Tapper

Artist, Game Writer, Voice Actor, Web Designer, Administration, Social Media & Communications

MA in Media, Aesthetics & Narration; Masters Student in Cross Media Production & Contemporary Art.

Artist, Writer, Performer, Designer, Photographer, Filmmaker.  

Hannes Rehnström

Hannes Rehnström

Sound Designer

BA Student in Music/Sound, (BA in Media, Aesthetics and Narrative).

Musician, Game Designer, Recording Artist & International DJ, half of Monitor 66 Duo.      

Iman Farhanieh

Iman Farhanieh

Research & Social Media

MSc in Serious Games; MSc in Informatics; Masters Student in Game Design.

Games Researcher & Designer.    



  • ICIDS 2015 Exhibition Catalog
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